Current Project(s)

Assistant Professor - Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI
Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Viterbo University's Conservatory of the Performing Arts Theatre & Music Theatre program.  I teach a wide variety of performace courses including; Music Theatre (MUTH) Lab - Fresh, Soph & Senior, Musical Theatre Scene Study I & II, Acting III, Acting Studio: On-Camera Edition. I am also leading their Arts Administration Minor & courses, serving as the Stage Management Instructor & Student coordinator, Directing a variety of CPA productions & showcases, and for the 23/24 season I am also overseeing all CPA productions as their Production Manager. 

Works In Rehearsals:     

The Pirates of Penzance @ Viterbo College - Opening March 3rd, 2023
Click HERE to view the production website and to purchase tickets.


Works In Workshop:

La Casita de Munecas
In partnership with Southwestern Colleague, Judy McDonald, La Casita de Munecas is a modern retelling of the classic Ibsen play, A Doll's House.  This modern story is centered around a Housewife in Mexico City, whose kids are now grown and is looking for more purpose in her life.

Works In Development:

MUDITA: An Immersive Sound & Light Healing Experience (Upcoming Spring 2023)
We are currently in development with La Crosse WI's Central High School Planetarium to present an immersive sound bath experience. With this event we seek to combine the deeply-immersive, fully body listening experience typical with a sound bath with lights and images that are also tied to each of your seven (7) chakras. All in the effort of examining the connection of mind and body to guide the audience member through a gentle but powerful therapeutic and restorative process. 


The Life and Science of Nicola Tesla
A man who was born during a lightening storm in Croatia in 1856 became the leading voice in electrial power in America during the early 1900's.  He invented alterating current, the fundamentals for what would become radio, and the first wireless machine (robot). So why are we not taught about Nicola Tesla in schools? Because of one man: Edison. Thanks to Thomas Edison and corporate greed Tesla was deleted from our history. In this developing project, we seek to use immersive theatre techniques (ala Punch Drunk & Meow Wolf) to challenge Edison's claim on electricity and set the record straight about Nicola Tesla and all that he gave this world.