Presented by Regent Seven Seas Mariner:

The Seven Seas Christmas Spectacular!

A Holiday show with acts from around the world!

Directed – Teddy Eck
Performed by the cast and crew of the Regents Seven Seas Cruise Line

Regent Seven Seas World Cruise Line wanted to put on a Christmas show for all of their guests as they traveled around the world during the holidays. I was approached by the Cruise Director to direct and assemble a show that would feature many of the diverse talent and departments aboard the cruise ship.

After talking with each department and assessing their involvement, I directed, choreographed and lead a total company of over 75 performers and musicians. The show featured a variety of acts including; tradition holiday songs, a Pilipino Cane Dance, A Russian ballet, the leading Officers running around on stage doing a “12 Days of Christmas” skit and even the poem, “T’was the Night Before Christmas” read aloud in between acts. Also, with the help of the audio-visual and tech department we were able to make it snow on stage and in the audience.

It was a valuable experience for me to be able to work with the performers and artists from all over the world. It allowed me to find new ways to communicate my vision while taking in mind the different languages and cultures I was addressing.

It was a fantastic show that allowed the Crew of the ship to share a little bit of home with the guest, truly embodying what the holidays are all about!