The New Works Festival


Featuring seven short plays written by the Fall 2019 Writing for Theatre course at MPC lead by Teddy Eck. These short plays were selected from the full class as winners of the Festival of Dionysus. These pieces all centered around the topic of identity and self. 

The New Works Festival ran from March 6th - March 15, 2020

Monterey Peninsula College, Morgan Stock Stage

Director & Facilitator: Teddy Eck
Student Directors: Linda Temple and Anthony Rodriquez
Interim Technical Director: Steve Retsky
Stage Manager: Rachel Martinez
Assistant Stage Manager: Sheannah Guillemette
Set & Lighting Designer: Steve Retsky
Costume Designer: Cody Moore
Sound Designer: Paul Voelker and Teddy Eck

The New Works Festival featured the following pieces

  • Rules of Engagement by Deanna Ross
  • #NeverReadTheComments by Kevin Michael Smith
  • Yeah Yeah...I love My Cat Into Outer Space by Abe Holston
  • What Have You Prepared for Us? by Deanna Ross
  • Canvassing by Kristin Brewer
  • An Unfamiliar Life by e borg
  • '86 by Gabriel Bate, Jason Lim, and Dominic Naccarto (Winner of the 2020 New Works Festival)