New Short Play Festival at Southwestern College - 2017


Featuring six short plays written by the Fall 2016 Writing for Drama course at SWC. These short plays were selected from submissions by the full class. I then worked with each writer pre- and during the rehearsal process to help define and refine their artistic voice.

Southwestern College, Mayan Hall

Director & Facilitator: Teddy Eck
Producer: Ruff Yeager
Set Designer/Producer: Mike Buckley

Stage Manager: Sue Givens
Costume Designer: Carol Whaley
Sound & Props Designer: Tamy Ray
Marketing/Front of House: Silvia Lugo

The Short Play Festival featured the following pieces

  • 43 by Judith Del Angel-Chambers
  • Armchair Psychologist by Alyssa Castillo
  • America's Hero by Luke King
  • Acceptance by Brittany Gallina
  • On the Other Side of the Chessboard by Cynthia Ochoa
  • Thank You for Flying With Us by Judith Del Angel-Chambers